Professional Service Solutions

Data Tagging
Turn design, procedures and rules into data flow for Better Insights!

Tag over 14k Data Items or Create your Own

Actions as a Service(AaaS)

Over 5000 actions on-demand or scheduled for your Wealth Platform with Core Time Series Stock Data, Porfolio Model Trending, Fundamental Data, Physical and Digital/Crypto Currencies (e.g., Bitcoin), Commodities, Economic Indicators, Multi-Currency and Technical Indicators.

Reactive agents to power mid-routing forensics to adapt processes to the live stream.

API Library
Digital transformation for Wealth Management Solutions

An integrated portfolio management and securities trading platform for wealth managers, private trust and registered invement advisors.

2500 Powerful REST APIs that make it possible to integrate virtually any tool into an end-to-end process, without the need for custom scripts.

Data Jumpers
Tag Excel Columns

Data Jumpers removes the complexities from data movement and enables automation, control, and monitoring of the process. Its intuitive interface allows you to define tables and objects to move between sources and targets as well as determines the most efficient process in which to move the data.

Job Scheduling
Digitize Workflow Automation

Job Scheduling support event-based automation, job constraints, and variables to pass data to downstream scheduled jobs.

Automation Workflow is a user-friendly, web-based application that allows help desk and business teams to execute daily and ad hoc processes.

Banking Reimagined
Learning and Adapting to Clients

The bank of the future will integrate disruptive technologies with an ecosystem of partners to transform their business and achieve growth.

Comming Soon. Core Profile Banking.

Making Digital Payments your Superpower

ACH, Venmo, Paypal, Whatsapp, Stripe and other Alternative Payments with Fraud Protection.

Comming Soon. Connectivity to Merchant Solutions.

Knowledge Process Automation
Leverage your Intelligence

Stop repeating knowledge work over and over. Now, you can use your digital knowledge to act on repeated request.

The pandemic has shown us that the "Virtual You" can be more effective than the physical you. With the "Virtual You", your intelligence can be multiplied for scale to gain incredible achievements.

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